Strokes of Life by Anish Jha ( Book Review )

Book – Strokes of Life

Author – Anish Jha

Book length – 239 pages

Price – 249/-

Publisher – And All

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First of all the cover is so eye soothing and I found it beautiful with the apt title.
Narration has a moderate pace made easy to read for all kinds of readers in a lucid language .
Raj and Vira are two constrasting characters but they shortly fall in love and decide to bind themselves in to marriage.
The Story beautifully portrays the heart warming relation which turns in a clash of disagreements as pressure of responsibilities and disagreements of opinions arise between them.
The plot is kept quite realistic. But the big twist comes when Vira comes to know she cannot give birth and she pushes Raj away to almost like release him from this bind and let him pursue his long kept dreams.
There are different twists. I dont really want to leak and be a spoiler just to let you know couple of decades later one writer emerges with a character mentioned in his work. Who is this and who is the character. How fate plays its roles ? To know more read this book.

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The emotions are waived with captivating words that help visualize the moments , feel them and the background easily.
Reality is sometimes different so Life too sometimes puts forward ups and downs challenging relationships , but if hearts are connected even fate too paints the best picture for them with it’s own strokes.
The only cons – If fonts were a big bigger I would have loved it for the book is asthetically pleasing.
It is a nice good book.

I rate 4/5

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Wake Up , Girl !

Author – Niharika Jindal @niharikatheauthor

Publisher – Bloomsbury @bloomsburyindia

Pages – 219

Price – 399/-

Naina, the protagonist has got a nice humour in her blood . She comes back from US and as always in an Indian traditional family , marriage is a must, at the ” right age ” with their choice of the “right guy”. It becomes a major annoying stuff at a point when all the society has forgotten their own lives and puts the spotlight on you.Naina is no new .

There is Ayaan , There is Akshay and Don’t forget the characters – Rohan and Shiven. All beautifully developed contrasting characters .But what twists lay in the path of Naina ? Who will be the one ? And if she can put forward her desires too above all the pressure of social interference ?

I love the cover.The page, binding quality all excellent.The back and forth conversations with parents , topped with funny emotional blackmails were relatable and entertaining for giving a boost to mood.All in all it is a quirky read where author’s lucid writing style blended with witty throws of satire in a breezy pace on the so called extra – sanskari family traditions and the life’s unpredictable teachings were funny and enjoyable !

Get your copy if you need a light hearted giggle worthy interesting read.

Author – Arvind Parashar

Book length – 160 pages

Publisher – Srishti Publishers

Price – 175/- ( On Amazon you will get good discount )

The last part of Messed Up trilogy by the popular author of previous best sellers that is again emotionally captivating with witty characters developed appropriately and has good suspense and thrilling moments waived into a tale that will keep you engaged till the end.

The cover very pleasant with all the bright colours uplighting your soul and so catchy to the eyes.

There are twists and turns with small chapters with titles and date makes for a quick read story that has fast pace.

The poetic additions in the tale pours emotions and waives it into a tale that has thoughtful addition of elements at the appropriate places.

Writing and narration is kept lucid and it is a light read made for all kinds of readers.
If you like reading thrillers that has romance base but with interesting twists you may check this book , It is also a good one for beginners who are looking for some entertaining read time with entertaining thrillers.

Beyond a Heartbeat

Author – Ashna Kedia

Book length – 182 pages

Publisher – Srishti Publishers

Price – 195/- ( On Amazon you will get good discount )

A debut novel by author that is emotionally captivating with witty characters developed appropriately .

It is a new release !

The cover to be true is very pleasant with all the bright colours uplighting your soul just how we imagine the feel of love to be.

There are twists and turns that will keep you interested.
A quick read story that has fast pace.
Romance based novel with moments that deal with deeper aspects of real life like death of a loved one.
Writing and narration is kept lucid and it is a light read.
If you like reading romance genre and you are in your early 20s or below that you may check this book from young adult romance genre .

Bestseller ( Book Review )

Author – Ahmed Faiyaz

Publisher – Rupa Publications

Book length- 188 pages

Price – 295/- ( On amazon it is 190/- right now)

It is a witty read that talks about struggles of new authors in the book industry getting published to all the competitions they overcome to play with their luck and become best seller.

A satirical novel that has different characters who add up to the sarcastically funny plot showing the broader view of the Indian publishing industry .

Narration is engaging and lucid.
The characters are contrasting and captivating.
Divided into small chapters.

Cover is really bright beautiful and the title is uniquely catchy.

It will give you a view inside the book publishing world about which I and many of us donot carry much idea .So it makes for different kind of read.

A giggle worthy fiction that shows what sells , how it sellsand what makes people buy. A light read with its own perks that is entertaining and yet show the inside view of some hard realities of a section of Industry.

Thank you @rupa_publication for sending this copy across.

The Alpha Yeti

Author – Sum
Publisher – Authorhouse
Thank you @writersmelon for sending it across.
Book length – 213 pages

🌲It is a book based on adventure , mystery fiction .
🌲Narration is good.
🌲Pace is fast so it keeps you engaged.

🌲Divided into short 40 chapters making it fast easy read.

🌲Nice twists waive it into intriguing read for adventure lovers.
🌲Cover relates to the basic plot.
🌲Thoughtful addition of ornamental words yet keeping language almost lucid for all kinds of readers.

🌲The scenaries and the moments are described beautifully of the himalayan mountainous regions.Background was nicely depicted making it easy to imagine.
🌲All together if you like such genres this book will prove to be an entertaining one.


Author – Annie Woods

( Instagram – @anniewoodsauthor)

Publisher – Pegasus Elliot publishers

( Instagram – @pegasuspublishers)

Book length – 322 pages

Genre – General Children / Teenager fiction


Erica meets Sasha and enter into a fairy tale love story. But there is a twist. Sasha has kept a big secret from her about his true indentity.How will Erica face it ?

Is it possible for someone to fully loose their own dreams, come out kf betrayal to be with the one who they love ?

This is Book no.1 of the The Angelheart Saga .

My thoughts –

♥ Narration is breezy and smooth.

♥ Pace is moderate.

♥ Divided into small chapters with intriguing titles.

♥ I loved the plot . I donot want to spill more but it supports LGBTQ rights and I believe in it so I liked it.

♥ The characters are nicely developed and you can connect with them easily.

♥ The twists will keep you engaged.The perks of falling in love for the first time in teenage having fanciful dreamy sweetness and then facing something difficult , coming to reality and truth are nicely narrated that felt heart warming , heart breaking and nostalgically melancholic.

♥ The book is big , beautiful and nicely waived with good vocabulary collection that accentuates the moments.

♥ I liked the writing style of Author and the different kind of story.The cover is so miinimal yet classy.

It is a beautiful book for young adult romance lovers with blends of sweet love, betrayal , finding one’s own identity , dreams and twists.

There is a sequal too.Do check it on author’s page.

I thank Madam Annie Wood for sending this beauty across , direct from the beautiful lands of England.