About Me

Hi ! I am Camelia , a postgraduate in Engineering from Kolkata , West Bengal , India.

I am an Introvert so I not only like Solitude but love it . What is better than books in a loners life !

In life I try to be above aboard with my work.

Nonfiction is my favorite genre . In fictions I like those books that help me learn human nature , behavior, perspective of different people and history of our society.

Sci-fi or mythological stuff are not much preferred but once in a while I like reading them too .I support budding authors .

I deeply feel bad for the conditions of the stray animals , needy people and degrading Earth as well .

Not only reviews of books that I read lately but through my blog I would like to spread the concerns , connect people with nature , with themselves and discuss alternative options.

I want to take up and spread the news of the leading works of NGOs and small business owners who are doing good job to support their family and society through their work.

Join me in my journey if you feel good about these stuffs and have similar goals to mine.

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  • Email— mailtocamelia@gmail.com

You can email me for any questions you have regarding any of the posts you read.

If you are a brand,author or publisher and would like to contact for PR, please write me at the above email address.