Author – Annie Woods

( Instagram – @anniewoodsauthor)

Publisher – Pegasus Elliot publishers

( Instagram – @pegasuspublishers)

Book length – 322 pages

Genre – General Children / Teenager fiction


Erica meets Sasha and enter into a fairy tale love story. But there is a twist. Sasha has kept a big secret from her about his true indentity.How will Erica face it ?

Is it possible for someone to fully loose their own dreams, come out kf betrayal to be with the one who they love ?

This is Book no.1 of the The Angelheart Saga .

My thoughts –

♥ Narration is breezy and smooth.

♥ Pace is moderate.

♥ Divided into small chapters with intriguing titles.

♥ I loved the plot . I donot want to spill more but it supports LGBTQ rights and I believe in it so I liked it.

♥ The characters are nicely developed and you can connect with them easily.

♥ The twists will keep you engaged.The perks of falling in love for the first time in teenage having fanciful dreamy sweetness and then facing something difficult , coming to reality and truth are nicely narrated that felt heart warming , heart breaking and nostalgically melancholic.

♥ The book is big , beautiful and nicely waived with good vocabulary collection that accentuates the moments.

♥ I liked the writing style of Author and the different kind of story.The cover is so miinimal yet classy.

It is a beautiful book for young adult romance lovers with blends of sweet love, betrayal , finding one’s own identity , dreams and twists.

There is a sequal too.Do check it on author’s page.

I thank Madam Annie Wood for sending this beauty across , direct from the beautiful lands of England.

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