Agnyatha ( Book Review )

Pages – 180

Price – 325/-

Publisher – Bee Books

Buy it on amazon ( Kindle 100 INR ) —

This book by author Krishnamurthy Hanuru translated from Kanada by L.S.Shankar Swamy is a chronicle of a solidier’s life that won the Prestigious Karnataka Sahitya Acadamy Award.

A memoir of Tipu Sultan’s unknown General , it is a blend of tales of historic events , folklore and legend.

Cover is intricately designed

Paper quality , binding , font sizes are excellent.

Local knowledge of history never conceives history as a record of heroic battles but as tragic events of local lives. The folklores heard from the mouth of locals are mostly different than what one learns from textbooks.

Smooth narration with ornamental words, the story starts with Suleman Saab sharing the handwritten Dossier which is the memoir of the Unknown general of Tipu Sultan whose stone statue still stands strong with a man sitting astride a horse. This account shares the details of royal times and his adventurous life .

This book tells us how Battles with British devastated local lives. How people in authority used their power in a wrong way . These things are not mentioned in textbooks.

The descriptions are beautiful of the Sultan’s passion , his palace , hunting , how the general used his power negetively , ruthless punishments women exploited and plight of natives during those days .

What made the General realize what really matters in the end and his trial of salvation was fascinating to read.

If you like historial accounts or fictions you should read this book. It is a good one to be picked as a good read .

Pages – 180

Price – 325/-

Publisher – Bee Books

Buy it on amazon ( Kindle 100 INR ) —


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