5 Questions of the Inquisitive Apes

5 Questions of the Inquisitive Apes
I read different books but I recommend few books only. This is one such work I would like to recommend for within 190 pages it contains wonderful concepts, unknown facts and knowledge but this book has an amazing potential to let you have different perspective of thinking about diverse things too.

This book by author Subhrashis Adhikari is published by srishti publishers is filled with amazing data divided into 5 chapters each one again has sub divided into small ones that infuse in you curiosity to question our existence and understand the basis of everything.
The addition of history from around the world on how the world was created was enriching to my knowledge base and as it was brief and kept light and funny the read was not boring but interesting.
From the coming in to existence of Big Bang to reproduction facts not only in human species but also in other animals , it shows us that sexuality and gender are different things Gender is how biologically a human body takes up the role in reproduction but sexuality is more of socio-cultural concept.

The way societal bigotry works around it is shown by author is very much appreciated.
Author has pointed out that Nature has immense diversity but our human mind is yet uncapable to know all its secrets but still forcing their own will in creating social injustice.This book talks about Brain structure , RNA – DNA , happiness , coginitive skills , etc and a lot more.
Narration is exceptionally smooth and best part is it is quirky , witty, bold and at times makes you laugh out loud.
The heavy informations and concepts are presented in such a way that it feels easy to grasp and enjoyable as a light read.No doubt , the high educational qualification of Author and his diverse knowledge about various subjects along with his open minded approach absolutely reflects through these pages . Absolutely impressed by this wonderful work, priced at 175/- it is a good read for sure. I thank publisher for sending it across for honest thought share.
Awaiting to read more of his work.
My Rate 5/5

Killing time in Delhi

Authored by Ravi Shankar Etteth this story is set in Delhi . The book is published by West land books.

Cover looks absolutely stunning with such beautiful illustrations with vivid hues .

The lifestyle of a particular section of population is described in this fiction in a story breezy manner that uses lucid language about the ones who are overly wealthy , use their power in different ways , get into messy situations , hypocrictic aunties , sinful desires , money minded ness , lust and whatnot , all are weaved into a tale that makes me see two side of the story in a satirical sarcastic take.

The characters are actually relevant as you can relate to such personas in real life !
Written within 200 pages this book in comes in a hardcover format priced at 599/- which i feel is bit pricey but you can get it at 395/- at amazon India.
The protagonist is a popular wealthy delhiite who gets into a messy situation accused of multiple murders when his girlfriend dies of drug overdose.
It is a book about revenge , drug addiction , lust and more.
The extravagant lives of the snobbish wealthy families are shown with twists.
Narration is fine. Pace is fast and felt good to me.Kind of a different plot . Not a love story or a crime thriller but a blend of many genres.
There are no chapters . One story divided into paragraphs but in one go.
You may check this book out on Amazon.

My rate 3.9/5

Lost my Love ( Homicide series , vol –  1 ) 

Author -Krishna Yoganarasimha
Price – 150/-
Book length – 86 pages
Publisher – Notion press
Series – Homicide series , Vol – 1
It is a book on suspense crime thriller plot involving serial killing.
The read starts with the Milkman visiting the flat and there he encounters the dead body of Mrs.Prakar.The twists unfolds one by one from there.The personalities involved in the plot are clearly described just after the prologue.

I loved how the cover is designed.Very eye catching the presentation is kept and carries depth.
Characters are developed thoughtfully.

The plot is quite fast paced and that is what makes this book enjoyable. I like fast paced books and this book again is divided into short chapters.
The fact that each chapter starts with a relevant poem based on the events added to the beauty of the full book.
Narration is good and language is kept very lucid for all kinds of readers.

The plot is intriguing. And as the story moves fast you will see the twists and turns coming and there is a catch in the end .Each serial killer has his/ her own motives but what this killer aims at getting in his life ? How is it different ? What is the psychology that is working behind this book’s villain ? Read this book to know.
Binding is good but the page quality , fonts and as I said the matte finished cover all are excellent.
Buy it here – https://amzn.to/2TJOFsG

Amma Tell me about Holi !

Holi is my favorite festival. Its about getting frolic.It is about spending time and mingling with friends and family.Though I stopped playing holi a couple of years back but I cannot forget the moments I used to enjoy. This month on 20 th, the hues of friendship,love and victory of truth over evil will again fly.Keep the sound on,here I dictate the poem on the back cover.
This book came just in time yesterday and here are my thoughts.
Oh what a book it is written by @bhaktimathur98 , The full book is written in a prose manner.From the first page till the last page it is a poem that I ABSOLUTELY LOVED ! From the bright beautiful pictures to imparting the history of Vishnu , Krishna , Radha , the devil king , and then prahlad , every thing that is behind the rich Indian culture of Holi is mentioned in a PERFECT WAY.It could not have got better according to me.All the lines rhythmically match each other creating a colorful aura of lively positive vibe of this festoval of colours.
Great quality of the pages,bright vivid colored prints all over the book making it an amazing book for kids to introduce them to the history , cuture and imbibe in them the family values and love between parents and kids in an enjoyable way.Oh I am just over whelmed , it touched my heart for my mother taught me all these while I was in school but after all these years when my memories were on the verge of flying away,this book made me feel nostalgic.When I will have my own kids,I will make sure to read this book to them. .
Absolutely amazing thoughtful hardwork of author.
Published by @anjana publishing it makes for a great gift for even your little siblings , kids in the house or any cousins who are in school. Even it makes for an eye pleasing read for adults like me. Heartily thanks to Madam for sending it for sharing my thoughts.I am blown way by the poem and the beautiful way of illustrations by @maulshree_somani of all important events.

Done with her ( Kindle ebook review )

Author – Chirasree Bose

Book length – 53 pages

Price – 49/-

Cover is good . Title brought curiosity to my mind as the word ‘subconscious’ is there .

It is a debut novel by Author while is a thriller crime suspense tale of a young lad techie avesh who is so intrigued about this new girl at his office who simply reminds him of someone else. The resemblance is numbing yet he cannot figure out what happening. The girl too thinks she knows this man from his past. The twists and the mystery the author created in the pages is very interesting and grips the attention of the readers till the book ends.

The narrative style is very captivating , makes reader keep turning pages.Beautiful use of good words gave depth to the backdrop and situations.

The intricate way of explaining the moments made me almost visualize the protagonists vision like the things are happening infront of their own eyes.The first chapter itself is pretty intense and dark.

It is a book for adults but it a short quick read.Brief short chapters with enthralling titles made me very happy and felt easy to finish because I don’t read much digital books as they strain my eyes but the chapers were so smooth , brief yet so effective in mending the tale really impressed me.

If you like Suspense thriller stories with a mystery created with psychological stuff and added sensuous backdrop you may buy it here.

My rate – 4/5

Amazon link – https://amzn.to/2CfsAaw

” Amma , Take me ” by Bhakti Mathur

Books that have beautiful presentations are everybodies favourite irrespective of any age group.

These books authored by Amazing Bhakti Mathur are filled with knowledge of Indian Regilious Monuments . These books make an amazing way to introduce the kids of your home ( they may be your little siblings, cousins to your own kids ). , the beauty of unity in diversity in India. The beautiful pages are coloured with hues of Indian culture , the rich history different religions of Sikh – The valour of Golden temple , The blissful Dargah of Muslim community and the enriching Tirupati temple of Hindus.

Author’s style of narration is smooth,enjoyable and exciting for kids to read. Oh ! these books made me nostalgic and they are such beauties to have in your collection and they make amazing and to be honest best gifts for growing kids for they will not only impart knowledge but will let them fall in love with the world of Books !

I highly appreciate author to have done such a thoughtful job .
The page quality , pictures , binding , I mean all the aesthically eye pleasing presentations these books carry show the great quality Penguine Puffin random house Publisers provide readers with.

Check these book on Amazon , they are at good discounts.

There are more than 10+ books by the Author Mathur in another series named – ” Amma , Tell me ” . You have got a lot of varieties to pick up your first read.

Ashok and The nine Unknown

Author Anshul Dupare
Publisher Rupa Publication
Book length 224 pages
Price 295/-

Seems like author has done extensive research before writing this fiction. The dynasties mentioned comtemporary to mauryan empire were indeed ruling in other places.

The religious gurus and other members of the empire that I myself have been reading in my study books were mentioned .

Their characters were nicely developed. The backdrop of ancient Indian society is made visually easy to capture through his smooth effective narration with words that add to the beauty of the moments and flow.

To be honest I have always felt interested reading about two empires in Ancient India – Maurya and Mughal .
For mythology based fiction readers , you got to read this book.

The valour of Mauryan empire of 3rd century BC, the transformation of a tyrant into a peace seeker , the twist and turns at every corner with witty proses here and there that asks us to think about our age old belives makes this book an unique one.

A historic fiction novel that talks not only about a hypothetical inside situation of the great empire but it carries few beautiful message that intends the reader to think about age old religious practices , urges the reader to question themselves the basis and meaning of equality , peace , following a path of lifestyle and why to do so .
It is the first part of Ashok series .
The cover looks pretty relevant and bright and beautiful to capture our attention.

The book is almost weightless , printed by Rupa Publication. The pages , binding , font are nice.you can carry it easily in your bag i donot know it becomes always a factor or issue for me to carry heavy books while I travel.
Divided into short chapters with intriguing titles and the years mentioned makes it an enjoyable and interesting read.