The Source Code ( Book#1 – Authoress Ekat Rin ) Ebook review

The source code book 1 is the first book of a series by Authoress Ekat .

It is an unconventional fiction that has some really twistful plot . Maggie is a programmer , she is very smart with technology and wants to work in an uncanny department where even known big brands are leaving the extraordinary offer .

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She gets an opportunity to visit an inhabitable land and isgoing to build a suspense ful game with programming. but that carries a lot of mystery.

I liked the character Maggie and the relationship of her with Sandy. But Beads that is her pet dog is so personalized .

I liked his parts. He has his own kind of personality that added some hilarious and light touch to this mystery cum suspense science fiction. I first was not sure what it is about but after that slowly the narration unfolded what the story is . It was a fine read .

I am not a big fan of science fiction based suspense stories but as the language was easy and also its non draggy with Smooth pace and had a really unconventional plot with an unknown kind of tribe , dreams , signs involved , I liked the story.

It is available on Amazon as Ebook . If you are a Sci fic book lover , check it out . You will be able to see Author put some thoughtful ideas.

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Fellow Traveller ( by Rahul Saini ) Book Review

“Why are forbidden fruits so attractive “
The cover and the blurb do not reveal much about the actual story. A contemporary fiction that runs between two different timeline one when the protagonist Aayush is in the present and writes a letter and the other about the situations which he is writing about that revolves around emotional attachment , love , childhood sweetheart , past love failures , career stress , moving on to new life phase with memories .

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But it also depicts few more things like devastating affect of drugs that new generation finds somehow cool . LGBT community is also discussed and the need to be open about these natural things .

I found few traits of Pari and Aayush a lot related to my persona, so I was able to correlate with their thoughts. To know the blurb check blog.Author Mr.Rahul Saini has taken time to display the raw emotions that go through a man’s mind which is no less than a woman’s and I liked the time he took to describe the subtleness.The sudden twists were quite effectively and thoughtfully arranged in different timelines to add depth and interest. The book is over 280+ pages.

One thing is if you donot understand Hindi , there are dialogues that are in hindi which has not been translated at times in English that may create gap in your grasping of the story. Narration style is really good with different fonts used that I felt aesthetically pleasing to me. But the story is kept light, lucid , casual contemporary words are used , even few curse words are there and it does have adult elements.

Memories will remain but we dont need to forget forcefully in order to move on.

Rate 4/5
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One Monsoon in Mumbai ( Ebook by Authoress Anitha ) Review

The book “One Monsoon in Mumbai” by authoress – “Anitha Perinchery ” starts with a magnificient view of Mumbai described in brief lines but with such beautiful depth that it will capture your attention within that very first page.
The language is decorated with nice words that I particularely i really liked but it may come as bit diffucult to some .

One Monsoon in Mumbai: Romcom with suspense, set in India.

Character of Seema the main female protagonist who is smart , detective but yet goes soft on her knees for the opposites but still holds on to her duties was beautifully depicted in the fiction.

I liked her character. Also the insights into cyberspying was new to me and it felt nice to know more of that arena.Also how seema was disguising herself was nicely narrated when she was sent to investivate the father son duo and when the father is finance minister and his son her supposed bf.
It is a light read with elements of suspense and mystery with fun of romance with handsome male characters 😝.
Chapters are moderately long. As I am not much into ebooks so it was bit lengthy for me.

Narration style is smooth. It is a one time read which will prove to be fun for many of you . A bit of chick lit a bit of detective blend with politics base .

This is right now in ebook kindle format.
Priced at 175/-

One Monsoon in Mumbai: Romcom with suspense, set in India.

All in all a nice book my rating 3.8/5 .

Legitimacy of Power ( The permanence of five in the UN security council ) by Dilip Sinha ( Book Review )

This book I recently received , is a good literary material if you are looking to enrich your knowledge base about the United Nations Organizations , specially about the intricate working of The security council .

Author was the head of India’s UN affairs during its membership of 2011-2012 . He steered India’s response to Libya and Syria crisis and was ambassador to UN in Geneva where he was appointed as Vice president of Human rights council in 2014.

Within each chapter author has poured in great amount of facts . Why was UNO formed ? What made the Honchos create it ? How do the policies and working differ in it from the previous League of Nations which in practicality failed to stop the World war II .

The charter , preamble , main focus of the different parts of UNO focusing deeply on the permanence of the 5 nations who have veto power in council is disscussed in a elaborate way.

You will get a good view of the socio political scenario of Second wolrd war period with the cold war arriving. The rivelry that was between USA and the then USSR .

How few super powers tried their hands on justifying their war minded actions taken on third world countries ahich made even the Security council face crisis like in 1950 when North korea invaded South and USA in absence of USSR tried to bring twist.

The International Court of justice and how its laws are applied on this Council is added with Articles from different chapters are disscussed. So you would be able to see the loopholes too which makes the biggest organisation face disaster in few things too.

Altogether it is a good book with immense amount of facts that will help any student studying economics and politics .

It definitely helped me gain some more indepth knowledge and brush up few previously known facts.

All good only price is bit high.

Inkredia by Sarang Mahajan ( Book Review )

Do you like fantasy books ?
This one here is one authored by an incredibly talented Indian author Sarang Mahajan who made an amazing concoction blended with Conspiracy , fantasy , magic , mystery , suspense and beautifully narrated a story in the backdrop of a mounfainous village Brida with two siblings Luwan and Meg , the two brave youngters stuck in a dangerous situation with terrible hunters , magical creatures , various characters with diverse personalities and unworldly events.

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Each section will take you on a journey full of twists.

A book with a map and starts with a fantastic captivating ignition with a small prose instantly capturing readers attention .

A motivating positive narration with lyrical touch.Language is very beautifully crafted with deep words but again kept lucid for all kinds of readers.

The characters are well described with the places and situations were like playing in my mind like a movie. It is a book to take you on a ride to a magical world with war scenarios and imaginative plot but narration makes it feel like there exists a real world of these things out there.

Font size made me happy . Large , beautifulcomfortable for my eyes hehe. The cover is exceptionally bright and beautiful .

This is the 1st part of total 4 books in the series. So ending is according to that.

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The Tree with Thousand Apples ( By Sanchit Gupta ) – Book review

This book looks in itself so good ! I was all over its beautiful cover for a long time. Recently got the chance to read it.

A hardcover it is with 288 pages penned down by Author Sanchit Gupta and published by Niyogi Publishers. Story is based on 3 friends Safeena , Deewan , Bilal , in 1990 in Jammu & Kashmir , a thriller that talks about the life of people based in jammu kashmir who though live in the heaven of India , that has the most beautiful scenic beauty in the country but inside there larks the poison of religious fanatism mingled with political and strategic tortures done on natives by even the states adminitrators.Blurb is upoaded on blog .

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I am writing my thoughts. Narration is made in such way you can imagine the backdrop of serious situations like a play and the tragic murders seen by their own family members ,

how muslims are always asked to join Pakistan, emergence of divide in people brought by traitors in the veil of closed ones is sad but yet reminds us ,yes people live in such situations in reality and the struggle is very hard and sad to digest that they have to fight for their basic rights and live in constant fear of loosing everything any moment .

The book is divided into chapters with thoughful lines that makes your mind dive deeper .

Beautiful thoughtful fiction it is.

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Happiness is all we want ( By Ashutosh Mishra ) – Book Review

Self help books are one of my favourites. They actually not only provide us with real life tips to be more productive and happier but also they present to us facts and concepts of human pyschology and how to adjust in the ever changing world with mindfulness.

This book by Sir Ashutosh Mishra is one such book that touches upon numerous topics. As you can already understand the title is so apt , the contents are as well too.

Each chapter has quite thoughtful topics with practical tips mentioned about MNC professional , students , normal people like you and I who sometimes deeply feel dissatisfied, how , when and why are separately mentioned by author that work as good relatable examples taken from Author’s own real life situations .

We cannot avoid modern way of lifestyle but it has kind of changed out our perspective towards actual happiness. Our mind needs constant limitless achievements. But to gain materialistic pleasure and enjoy them, we need mind’s peace which can be gained but with small changes.

We have to take ownership of our life and need to change our style . Narration is lucid , feels like author is a guide who actually is talking to you calmly.

Also to gain mental peace we need to have physical fitness , which to be honest I very well understand.

Health is actually wealth . If you are fit you can work faster and make more wealth. So eating wholesome without adultaration , good sleep is needed , that are also discussed in the book . But how much we normal people actually follow ? If we want to be happy , we need to not rush with the flow always but be thoughtful too and take steps one at a time that creates habit ( This last one is my own tip to you all , haha 😅😇)

Cover is ok, could have been a bit colourful or so. Page quality is excellent , its published by Bloomsbury . There are 224 pages and priced 399/- . Buy it here for 250 INR –

Altogether a beautifully written book that will enrich your knowledge and also prove to provide you with workable tips.

I recommend .

My rating 4.6/5 ❇